Beauty: Flawless Skin!

We all want that flawless looking, airbrushed skin. But how do you achieve that?

I'm quite lucky with my skin, i don't tend to get spots or acne. I have some problems with blackheads due to oily skin and black circles under my eyes (silly genetics! boo!). But apart from that i have fairly good skin and it seems to get quite a few compliments ("you're skin look so smooth"). So i thought i would compile my 'top tips' for keeping your skin in tip top condition.

1. Cleanse every. single. night.

Don't question me. Just do it. Even if you really can't be arsed. I really do notice the difference in my skin when i cleanse every night. Sometimes, yes, a baby wipe or some micellar water will suffice (worst case scenario). But, it's so important to get rid of a days worth of dirt and grime off of your face.

2. Cleanse after working out. 

This is when you're sweaty, gross, and your pores are wide open. If you leave all that sweat and bacteria on your skin, it's just going to go into your pores and result in blackheads and a build up of bacteria. That doesn't sound pleasant.

3. Be consistent. 

Like with everything. Make sure you are following a skincare regime and try to follow it as regularly as possible. Results won't come over night. It's important to retain healthy looking skin. There's no point looking after your skin when its bad then giving up once it's clear again - you will just end up in a vicious cycle! 

4. Keep it basic.

Who's gonna follow a cleansing routine it involves 50 million products and takes over half an hour. Ain't nobody got time for that. A simple 3-step method is often enough: cleanse, tone and moisturise. Yes some people like to add in some serums or oils and a facemask every once in a while. Feel free to jazz it up a little, add a few steps or switch up your products. But, nailing the basics is key at first and it means you are more likely to stick to it - quick, simple and effective! 


A typical, popular girly activity. Have a little pamper! Steam your face, put a facemask on and have a good ol' exfoliate. There's nothing wrong with giving your skin some lovin'. I try and do this once weekly or fortnightly. 

6. Find products that suit you.

I have tried EVERYTHING in the past. 
I personally prefer using cruelty free products and find the 'Naturally radiant' range from Superdrug is great. The 'Vitamin E' range is good too for drier skin types. Try to find 1 or 2 products that you love then you can switch between them, i find when my skin gets too used to a product it doesn't work as well so, i use one cleanser for a few months, then rotate to the next one. It's all trial and error really. If it ain't working DITCH IT and try something else.

7. Makeup free days. 

Try and keep your skin as clear as possible. It makes SUCH  a difference! Try not to block your pores when you really don't need too. If you can't go a full day without makeup, make sure you remove it as soon as you can and let your skin breathe for as long as possible. 

8. All the other bits.

Water. Sleep. Eat 'clean' (a.k.a add some strawberries to that chocolate) - all these things make a massive difference to your skin. You know yourself if you eat loads of crap, don't drink enough fluids and get minimal sleep.. your skin will say it all! It will be written all over your face, quite literally. So make sure these other lifestyle things are in check before blaming that new cleanser for causing you to break out! 

I hope these tips helped, even just a little bit! 



  1. Great tips! I usually stick to all of these but I've been lacking in the pampering and the drinking water area and my skin is suff-er-ring. Also it can be so hard when the products to switch between products when your skin likes products that are on a more expensive range and you're currently being a broke student :( x

    Ornella| I am Ornella


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