Lifestyle: Let's Talk Adulting!

Adulting is often discussed in the jokey sense; we have students talking about not wanting to 'adult' and 'adults' complaining about adulating. It seems, none of us want to grow up. Who wants the pressure of bills and doing your own washing? Am i right?

But, despite sometimes not wanting to grow up, it's important to think about it, because GUESS WHAT? It is going to happen. We're going to have to 'adult' at some point *sigh*.

So here are my 'grown up goals'. Here is what i want to achieve and the adult things i plan to do. They are both fun and pretty darn realistic.  Some of these things you will want too (if you don't have them already).

Having my own car

Important one. I can drive but i don't currently have a car (i do really want one). It's just the ease of being able to take control of your own transport, having the freedom to go do things as and when you please, no faffing about on multiple buses or trains etc.

Put a deposit down on my own home (eek, big girl goals!) 

This is a massive goal for me (not something i'm planning on doing just yet). Home is one of the most important aspects of your life. Happy home = happy person. Especially when you're a blogger and you spend a lot of time huddled on the sofa writing or editing images. You need somewhere you're comfortable and after living in student accommodation for 3 (going on 4) years,  i'd really like to start building my own home, my own happy place. There is nothing like having your own space.

Travel (a good chunk of the world) 

I've been lucky, i've already visited over 12 different countries. But that is not enough when you have wanderlust like me. There are SO many places i'd like to visit (see my travel wishlist here) and i'd love to do that when i am in a position too (financially and work-wise). I'm hoping to get this done after i've completed my masters before i settle down into proper 'adult life'.

Get a full-time 'adult' job in Psychology 

Now i ain't gone and done a degree and masters for nothing now have i? Like i said post-masters/travelling i'd really like to settle down into my first full-time job. I mean a proper adult job what isn't squeezed in around my studies. Ideally it'll be in Psychology - either in research or in a clinical setting. The reason for this goal is to help with my next goal.. 

Continue onto further-further education

Yes i'm education obsessed. Even when i'm a 'grown-up' i don't think i'll ever fall out of love with learning. I'm a nerd at heart. I'd LOVE nothing more than to do my Clinical Doctorate and become a fully qualified Clinical Psychologist after all, that is what i'm working towards now. After my masters and hopefully getting some work-experience in terms of a full time job i should be on my way to reaching this goal. It is definitely something for me to work towards. 


I'm a bit of a money hoarder and quite rightly. I'm a bit of a save-a-holic actually. I'd like to continue this quality into my grown up life. Financial stability is key for me. Especially if i want to travel, get a car and start building a home - they don't come cheap! So saving up for the next few years is going to be my priority so i can achieve some of my other grown up goals above. Being a grown up is always an expensive job ;) Here is a useful tool for managing finances.

What are your grown up goals? 



  1. Having my own car and travelling is definitely on the top of my list too!! My driving test is next week too ahhh! Lovely post!! x

    1. Ooh GOOD LUCK! I'm sure you will smash it! Thankyou <3

  2. I have had my own car since I was 18 so I can't imagine not having one. I'm a bit spoiled. Oops.

    S .x

    1. Lucky! It's so freeing isn't it. I do plan on getting one after i finish uni. I just don't really need it for the time being <3

  3. I agree with you, here I am also in that phase where adult life is a challenge. I want to be a wanderlust too and travel the world. I guess we should all be prepared and mature enough so that we could handle the adversities we will be facing.

    1. I agree. Grad problems eh. Very true <3

  4. Save save and more saved. I learn that too

  5. I wish I could say the same about saving, I'm so bad it isn't even funny!

    Good luck with it all tho, go get 'em girl! ;)



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