Lifestyle: Homeware Wishlist!

Lifestyle: Homeware wishlist. Interior Design.

It's almost time to go back to university and that means ONE thing... homeware shopping! I'll be living in on-campus ensuite accommodation, which means it's more room shopping than actual home shopping. And being completely honestly there's only a few items below that i can actually afford on my student budget a.k.a i cannot afford that beautiful Oliver Bonas lamp *cry*. But i'm inspired, it's a wishlist because these are things i would love to own and some of them will be adorning my new student bedroom to freshen it up a little! 

Homeware wishlist; Oliver Bonas, Oh No Rachio, Not On The Highstreet, Wilko's
Oliver Bonas Lamp | Oh No Rachio Plate & Jars | Not On The Highstreet Print & Plaque | Wilko's Flowers 

I'm looking forward to picking up a bunch of these artificial flowers from Wilko's - they look beautiful and it means i can stop pestering my boyfriend for fresh ones. They will help brighten up the 'cosy' student bedroom for one and make it feel more like home. I love the difference a bunch of flowers makes in a room. My most recent obsessed is quote plaques and prints, i'm a sucker for some positivity and what's better than to have it hung around your room? Such a simple way to spice up the plain walls. You can also buy cute little postcards from Paperchase or Etsy for a more inexpensive version.

I hope this gives you a little inspiration too! 

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