Food: Healthy (& Not-So-Healthy) Vegan Snacks!

Today i want to share my favourite vegan snacks. Some are healthier than others, some are great for on-the-go and some are for sharing. But there's lots for everyone! It just shows how being vegan isn't difficult, there's SO many options! So if you're thinking of being more vegan.. this is a good place to start, odds are you eat a lot of these things already. I hope you find some new snacks to enjoy, let me know your favourite treats in the comments below!


Aldi Passions Deli Pea Snacks
Pea Snacks

These are not for everyone, they have quite a distinctive taste. They're made primarily of dried marrowfat peas. They're crunchy and filling for such a small portion. Marketed as a good source of protein (4g per pack). They make a perfect little snack that you can take out and about with you. I would recommend everyone try these at least once.

Chocolate Orange Rice Cake Bars

The perfect treat for chocolate orange lovers. Who needs Terry's? At just 90kcal per bar they make a great low-calorie snack to satisfy a sweet tooth. These bars also make a perfect on-the-go snack.


Oreos - Mint, Chocolate, Original.. 

Now who doesn't love Oreos? If you're looking for a not-so-healthy treat then look no further. Oreos are my go-to evening treat; the perfect treat at the end of a hard days work ;) Plus, the different flavours are always good to try. Never boring.
p.s. Just discovered the PB ones aren't vegan :( so just make sure to double check! 

Bourbon Creams (usually own brands e.g. Asda,  Sainsbury's)

Eek, childhood favourite here. Notice a chocolate theme occurring? Who knew Bourbon CREAMS 
were vegan? This not-so-healthy snack is usually reserved for lazy weekends with a cuppa tea and a film. Probably best to leave the packet in the cupboard and just take a few with you.

Graze Cranberry & Hazelnut Toast with a Cocoa Dip

Find them all here

Dark Chocolate Cherry Tart

My all time favourite Graze snack. It is delicious and comes packed with loads of goodness (healthy fats, copper - 26%NRV and manganese -28%NRV). Although it can be a little addictive so eat with caution. 

Cranberry & Hazelnut Toasts with Cocoa Dip

Another favourite of mine from graze Graze. Definitely one for you dippers. The chocolate dip is just like nutella, the portion size is fab as it stops you eating it by the spoonful. The perfect mix of sweet and savoury. Dip and crunch. At only 139 kcal per portion it's an ideal small snack for them chocolate cravings.


Banana Ice-cream/Chocolate Pops

I have to include a recipe of my own don't it. You can find the recipe post (here) or video (here). These are such a cute snack that will impress a lot of people AND they are relatively fast and easy to make. Make a batch of these and store in the freezer, take one out about 10minutes before you're ready to eat it. Experiment with flavours and you will never get bored of this healthy ice-cream pop. Who needs Mr Whippy?! 

Chocolate banana ice-cream pops

Homemade Brownies/Blondies

I have the perfect gluten-free, vegan brownie recipe >> here <<.Try baking a batch of these at weekend and use them throughout the week as a little post-lunch or dinner dessert. They will cure that sweet tooth in a jiffy! 

Carrot Sticks & Hummus 

My favourite snack of ALL time. Pick your favourite hummus flavour and chop some carrots (or buy the ready shopped carrot batons if you are lazy like me!) and dip away until your heart is content. This is a perfect addition to your lunch box to keep you going through work or school. 

So there you have it, my favourite healthy & not-so-healthy vegan snacks! 
Who else enjoys any of these treats? Did i miss anything off? 



  1. I'm addicted to frozen chocolate covered bananas! I should try to make it myself:p

  2. The chocolate peanut banana ice cream pops look delicious!! I want to try making it like right now! The pea snacks I also wouldn't mind trying! Great post!🌸🌸🌸🌸


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