Life: How I'm Getting Ready For Christmas.


As you can see i've made my uni room super christmassy. This can be done simply and on a budget. My fairy lights are from Primark (around £2) put into a jar from Aldi. I bought some potpourri from Tesco and placed this inside another jar from Tiger. I also collected some conkers and pinecones and placed them into a third mason jar. You can buy jars from almost any home store or supermarket. You can get them on Amazon here and here. There's no harm in keeping leftover jars from food products or coffee and washing them out. They look so nice with some ribbon wrapped around or a nice bow.  The cute woodern decoration is from a shop on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh. It was such a bargain at £2 so it's worth checking out christmas stores. This is meant for the tree but i think it looks far nicer on my window.

Advent Calendar

You know it's christmas when you start the chocolate countdown. I will NEVER grow up. I will always get an advent calendar no matter how old i am. This year i have the Moo Free one. Having them in my room really helps get me into the christmas spirit. Get it early if you can! I guarantee the prospect of chocolate everyday for 25 days will get you feeling festive.

Christmas Markets

There's nothing more festive that having a look around the German markets, with a hot (and slightly alcoholic) drink in hand, all wrapped up in cosy clothing. This is the epitome of being festive. The excitement is real. I'll be visiting Manchester's christmas markets, it's definitely a tradition by now. They can be a little hectic and make you feel very Scrooge at times but, in the end they're something i really enjoy and look forward too every year. 

Christmas Movies

Anything cute with snow really get's me excited for christmas. I'm currently making my way through all the christmas movies on sky. The other day i watched Eight Below which is a lovely (but rather sad) movie about a bunch of huskies. Elf is next on my list OF COURSE. And 'The Holiday' which is one of my favourite movies of all time. 

Hot Drinks (lattes/hot chocolates)

We all know the hype around the christmas cups. Starbucks have their red cups and Costa have their christmas patterned ones. I LOVE them. I do. It's exciting to get one. Having a warm hot chocolate in a cute christmas take out cup cannot fail to get you in the mood for christmas. Plus it's a nice treat. When i don't quite have the money to splurge on coffee, i make my own lattes! The recipe for my chocolate orange latte is here - it's amazingggggg. A pumpkin spice version is also good. At night i opt for a mint hot chocolate with marshmallows. Yum. 

Snow Fairy

No joke. When Lush brings out Snow Fairy i KNOW it's christmas. I love this scent and look forward to getting some every winter. So i relax and surround myself in this delicious scent, pop some christmas pyjamas on and watch a christmas film with a hot chocolate in hand. Absolutely perfect. I'm ready. 

What makes YOU feel christmassy? Do you have any traditions?



  1. Such a cute post! SO excited for Christmas and this just enhanced that to a new level :)


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