12th Day Of Blogmas: Christmas Gift Ideas.


  • Scented potpourri silk pouches - these are super simple and i like to have them as decorations and scent around my room. All you need is potpourri and a silk pouch (like these ones here or here). Simply stuff the pouch with potpourri, any scent you like, and use them as a little stocking filler. 

  • Winter filled jars - I call these winter filled jars because you can fill a mason jar with whatever you like: pinecones, dried out leaves/petals, conkers, potpourri.. Anything with some wintery/neutral colours like gold, red, brown. I like this idea of spray painting fake leaves gold!

  • Candles - a cliché kind of gift but a good one nevertheless. If in doubt; buy a candle. Yankee are usually my favourite (p.s. my favourite scent is 'christmas cookie'). You could go for one simple jar or a gift set. Alternatively, you can get creative with a DIY candle holder and some scented tea lights. This DIY cinnamon candle holder would be perfect and this branch candle holder would look great all year round. 


  • Homemade chocolates - see the recipe in my post here. I would put these into a christmas decorated jar: like this DIY reindeer one, or buy one from Matalan here. Homemade is so much more personal and you can pick the flavours to suit the person you're giving them too. 

  • Christmas hamper - you can find them online e.g. here and here. Although, these can be so expensive and it's much more personal if you make one yourself. You can pick up a box at a really reasonable price from any card shop or christmas design ones from Paperchase. All you do then is fill it with their favourite snacks. I would fill mine with a cute little mug, a bottle of mulled wine and some of my favourite vegan snacks (have to include mince pies obviously!). 

  • Hot chocolate packs - there's nothing better at christmas time than a mug of hot chocolate. These nice little hot cocoa packs make an inexpensive gift that you can give to all your friends. Buy a packet of hot chocolate, marshmallows, sprinkles, cookies etc. and split them out between different containers/sandwhich bags. You can even gift them in a homemade snowman mug


  • Nail varnish with a homemade twist - adding a little tag like this or this to a simple gift such as a nail polish will make it stocking filler worthy. I would do a little bundle of about four of these for my beauty loving friends. 

  • Spa in a jar - you can do this for both men and women. Pop in Superdrug to their mini's/travel section and fill a MASSIVE mason jar with lots of little beauty treatments. Little beauty products like these will come in so useful all year round. 

To see ALL these idea's (and more!) in one place; head over to my 'Christmas Gift Idea's' Pinterest board. 



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