Blogmas: Favourite Christmas Snacks!

Christmas means ONE thing: FOOD! And lots of it. Here are some of my favourite christmassy snacks at this time of the year. 

Mince pies

An obvious choice but a good one nevertheless. I remember the days when I didn't even like mince pies! Oh how times have changed. Now I am firm fan and will munch one of these whenever I have the opportunity. My favourite ones are the Lidl Luxury Mince Pies, you get 12 for around £1.50. It's an absolute bargain and you get to share the christmas spirit, nice huh. 

Graze Mince Pie Flapjack 

Continuing with the mince pie theme, because it is christmas after all, this is my latest find and it absolutely hits the christmas spot. I love flapjacks and I love mince pies and luckily this doesn't disappoint. A massive well done to Graze for not messing this one up. I found this in Boots but you can get a multipack from Graze here (get it while you can!).

Aldi Dark Chocolate Lebkuchen

I featured these in my November Favourites post. They are SO good. They're like a biscuit slash a cake and topped with dark chocolate they're the perfect snack for us sweet tooth's. I can't get enough. Pair it with a hot drink and you'll feel festive af. 

 Hot chocolate

In a christmas mug, of course. Technically this a drink not a snack but still, it's festive OK. As soon as christmas time comes around i crave warm mugs of hot chocolate topped with vegan whipped cream

Nakd 'Christmas Pud'

I haven't actually tried this yet but, i've heard many good things. It's christmassy, relatively healthy (i.e. all natural ingredients) and comes in a cute little wrapper. What more could you ask for? 



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