Life: Top 5 Podcasts You NEED To Listen To!

I absolutely love listening to podcasts. I don't listen to them as much now as I used to. I used to listen to them everywhere I went. I was always the girl walking around with headphones in - anti-social, I know. My preference of podcasts has also changed; I used to listen to ones based around food and nutrition now, I'm enjoying more lifestyle-based humorous podcasts (although both are good). Please let me know if there are any podcasts you think I should listen to! 

My Dad Wrote A Porno

I finally gave in and started listening to this podcast after hearing about it through social media. I kept hearing SO many good things - as in it's hilarious - and they were so right! This podcast has me laughing out loud (on the train, walking around campus, in the gym - everywhere). If I need a laugh this is definitely top of my list. The presenters (Jamie Morton, James Cooper and Alice Levine) are so funny; they never fail to make me giggle. Bless poor Jamie having to read all his dads' dirty ideas for the world to see. I love how light-hearted these guys are - the book doesn't stand a chance!  It's all a bit of a 'piss-take' to be honest. If you love that kind of banter, you will like this. 

Be warned: This podcast will make you laugh out loud in public places. You will look slightly crazy.

Fitter Food

An old favourite of mine. This is one of the first podcasts I ever listened to and it's still a firm favourite. This is very nutrition based but i love the principles they hold: move more, eat better and look after your damn self. Although they are paleo-ish and I am vegan now, i still like to listen to their knowledge and their information. They do talk a lot about other health related lifestyle things like sleep, mindfulness and balance. Keris is SO knowledgable and Matt is hilarious - they make the perfect podcast duo, i never get tired of listening to them and their couples banter.

Be warned: You will go away from this podcast feeling like you know EVERYTHING there is to know about living a healthy lifestyle, KNOWLEDGE BOMBS for the win.

Ctrl Alt Delete 

Another new favourite of mine. I really enjoy these interview type podcasts where they speak to different people. It means i never get bored and I always love finding new people to stalk check out on social media. The interview with Mara Wilson (Matilda!) was a favourite of mine. This podcast is hosted by Emma Gannon; a fellow blogger and writer, she's all about social media and how that affects our day to day lives. Her book Ctrl Alt Delete is all about 'growing up online - i would love to read it!  I'm really picky about the kind of voices i listen to on podcasts but, i love the way Emma speaks, the kind of questions she asks and the range of topics she speaks about. 

Be warned: This podcast will leave you wanting to listen on and on and on...

Coffee with Chrachel 

Where 'the only thing filtered is the coffee'. This is another chatty podcast about a whole range of things. Chris and Rachel live together in Seattle and as the name suggests, they sit down with cuppa coffee and have a good old natter. Every podcast is unique and each one makes me giggle. They talk about absolutely everything from Harry Potter to veganism to quizzes to coffee (obviously). They naturally bounce off each other and it's really nice to hear both a male and female perspective on everything that's going on. They go through current affairs (including Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter etc),  Q&A's and binch time (don't ask, just listen).

Be warned: This will make you giggle, want to take silly Buzzfeed quizzes & make you want a relationship just like theirs (i'm talking about the couple not with the coffee..).  

Health, Nutrition and Functional Medicine  - Dr Ruscio Radio

Another one with all the knowledge bombs. This is another foodie based nutrition one but again, it focuses on holistic health. Dr Ruscio does some fascinating interviews on all sorts of fascinating topics e.g. ADHD, SIBO, Supplements, Gut microbiome. These all things I find interesting anyway, if you're not into this kind of stuff then you should probably switch off. I have learnt SO much to do with functional medicine and holistic health from this podcast.

Be warned: This is one for the nerds who love to learn about health, biology and nutrition. Lavvv it. 

So there you have it. My podcast recommendations. I try to listen to something every evening before bed to help me relax. It's nice to switch everything off, lay in bed and just listen in the dark. Although if you listen to My Dad Wrote A Porno you will probably keep yourself awake by giggling too much!

What are your favourite podcasts? Do you listen to any? 



  1. Thanks for sharing! Totally going to check some of these out.

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  2. Well that is an interesting list of top health podcasts. Keep up the good work by sharing more such podcasts.


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