Monthly: November In Photo's!

Manchester Christmas Markets 

I took a trip to the Markets with my flatmates. It was so much fun going with new friends who had never been before (cuz it's ma hometown yanno). We spent the day shopping, sipping Starbuck's coffees and just generally having a wander round. We even took home the Manchester markets Christmas mug - cute!

Weekend with BAE. 

I've really been enjoying spending weekends with my boyfriend, especially now we don't live together, it means the time we do get together is more special and worthwhile (I hate how soppy that sounds). This particular weekend we spent have a 'nature day'. We took a short drive to Halton for a little wander down the river, it's a tiny village with not much there, but it was really nice anyway. We completed a lovely day with another walk down the woodland trail back at university. Also, can we give him credits for his photography?

Shopping dates with Mum.

 This was actually Black Friday weekend - it consisted of a lot of food! First, we went for lunch and hot chocolate in the local Vegetarian/Vegan cafè (so good btw!) and did quite a bit of Christmas shopping. Then, on black Friday we went to The Trafford Centre, it wasn't as busy as you would think! We took advantage of the sales, did some more Christmas shopping and grabbed some lunch in Caffè Nero. Kudos to Caffè Nero for vegan mince pies btw. Delicious!

Engagement party!

Eek, this was a bit of a (scary) grownup thing for me. But, I am really happy for the wonderful couple. It was such a lovely party (house decor goals for sure) and there was lots of prosecco flowing. I enjoyed some yummy vegan food and actually had the chance to dressed up and look nice for once. It was really nice to wear this playsuit that had been sitting up in my wardrobe for months.

More weekends with bae.

After the engagement party with bae, bae and I spent the weekend doing some shopping. Have you noticed a common theme in my month? Shopping and bae. We shopped a little, ate a lot, including a Caffè Nero number 2. I've been making my way through ALL the Christmas coffees. I also wore this ridiculous headband I found in Primark's children's section - it's sooooo cute though.

There we have it! My month in photos (minus all the boring bits like uni work)! November was such a lovely month for me especially towards the end with all the festivities!   



  1. Looooove your photos! looks like a fun month :-D xXx

    1. Aw thanks lovely! It was! Nice and christmassy <3


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