Food: The Goodness Project Unboxing!

A super quick post today to share with you my 'The Goodness Project' box. Here is a link to one with very similar products to the ones shown below. I have uploaded a whole Youtube video dedicated to talking all about the products I received and my thoughts about the box. I'm over the moon with this as a nice little treat. 

So thumbs up to my boyfriend for 'thinking outside the box' and getting me this fabulous gift. Who thought my boyfriend would introduce me to a new health food brand! Usually i'm the one being like 'ooh look at this' or 'you should try this'. So this christmas present was a massive surprise to me. I really was happy to receive this gift and rifle through the lovely packaging to find all the little bits and bobs I received. It definitely makes a nice present for someone else or a gift from yourself, to yourself. So, ladies... fella's... definitely pass this gift idea on to your other half. 

The Goodness Project offer 3 different healthy food snack boxes.. natural/organic, vegan or gluten-free. I received the vegan one of course. There's a box to suit any dietary preferences (sorry for being an awkward vegan but now you know what to get me ;)).You can choose to do a monthly subscription (mini or maxi versions) or get a 'one off' box like I did. I love the fact they do one off boxes - I don't like to commit to month subscription boxes so this means I can treat myself to a big hamper of vegan snacks when I feel like it, when i'm in the financial position to do so. Of course you could just go and buy yourself these vegan snacks individually but, these hampers feel so luxurious and specials. It feels like a treat. I feel like this is a great gift idea, especially if you're struggling to find the perfect foodie gift. This is a fuss free way to shop. It's also a nice way to try new products you haven't tried or even heard of before.

The packaging was lovely.. you can see it in more detail on my Youtube video.

There are so many boxes to chose from.. chocolate lovers there is one for you. The one I received is a bit more varied which is good otherwise I would just eat chocolate all the time. I love the mix of sweet and savoury so there is a snack for every occasion. Including the 'Netflix and chill' corn peanuts.

My favourite part of the box has to be the iChoc, Vivani white chocolate bar (sounds divine!) and the humongous Vego bar. What is not to love about this chocolatey selection. I will be munching my way through these very soon. I love how most of these snacks are travel friendly.. so I can take them on my weekend trips and to lectures with me. Those cashew nuts by Quibbles make the best aeroplane snack.

Have you tried a box from 'The Goodness Project' yet? Would you like to?



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