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You might remember that back in September I wrote my 'September Healthy Habits' post (if you don't, you might wanna go read it here!). I set myself a monthly challenge to help reduce some not-so-healthy habits and try to create some healthy(er) habits i.e. drink more green tea and less coffee :( It worked. It really helped. I really enjoyed it and it really gave me something to track on a weekly basis. Bullet journal lovers you will love this. In fact i'm doing mine on these free January bullet journal printables by Sandra at Wundertastisch using the 'habit tracker' page.

I'm not the 'new years resolution' type of gal. Instead I prefer to set myself monthly challenges to keep things new and work on things that really need working on. Setting yourself a yearly goal is far too broad. It doesn't help you to improve. Without further ado, let's get on to chatting about my health goals for January - what they are and how i'm going to achieve them...

Eat legumes 3 times a week

Legumes or beans are the perfect source of vegan protein and i'm guilty of not eating enough of them. I love myself a veggie curry but I often forget to add some kind of protein to it. This is something I shouldn't neglect since I strength train and workout on a regular basis. Protein is so important for your body and so this has to be a focus for me in January. It only involves opening a bloody tin for goodness sake.

Run a 10k

Eek this is a challenge an' half considering I don't really love to run that much (it's alright sometimes, in summer, or by the beach). But hopefully me and my flatmates will be taking part in the Wolf Run in April which is 10k + obstacles so, i'd like to be able to run a 10k quite comfortably by that point. So my aim for this month is simply to run a 10k. Send help!

Complete 5 unassisted chin ups once a week

This is something I can do, I just don't. I really want to add more pull ups into my weekly workout routine. They're such a good upper body exercise and a great addition to any workout routine. I want to practice as I used to be able to do a lot more and there's no better way to improve at them. This shouldn't be too difficult, just a nice reminder to add more compound, function moves into my workouts.

8,000 steps per DAY

This is going to be hard for me. Walking was also part of my 'September Healthy Habits' as it's something I definitely let slip. I can probably hit 6000 quite easily on a day of lectures and walking to the gym. It's the other days that will be more difficult. You know what it's like when it's cold outside and you're all warm and snuggly inside - you don't want to leave do you?!

Complete one day a week 'raw til 4' style 

This is something I naturally did quite a lot on holiday. I would eat lots of fruit and smoothies for breakfast, a salad for lunch and then have a cooked dinner. I really liked how it made me feel so it's something i'd like to add into my daily life. But it's winter and I prefer warmer food like oats in winter, especially for breakfast, so once a week is enough for me (for now!).

Take some 'me' time to read 5 days a week

Yes once a day. I was guilty of not really giving myself any chill time in the latter half of 2016 and as much as the fitness/food goals above are good, mental health is also equally as important. You can't neglect your mental healthy habits. So i'm really going to try to read (a non academic book) every night before bed. It really helps me relax and switch off. That 'me time' is just so valuable. The reason I have put 5 days is because I probably won't read at weekends if my boyfriend stays over. 

January goals come at meh. Let's do this *flex emoji*



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