Travel: Dublin Photo Diary!

I LOVE doing photo diaries, it's such a lovely way to look back on the trip and hopefully inspire you to visit too. My boyfriend and I visited Dublin from the 2nd - 5th January. What a perfect start to the year it was. I love visiting places in the new year, it just seems like you miss out all the hustle and bustle but the festivities are still there. Everyone is in a good mood and of course.. ready to party. We absolutely loved the atmosphere in Dublin, especially at the nights. The pub atmosphere is where it's at. Live music, a bit glass of (expensive) wine and you have yourself a wonderful evening. Fill the days with lots of great, affordable food and coffee and it is the perfect weekend getaway. I would recommended it for all you couples looking for a quick weekend trip.
I thought i'd share some of my favourite photo's with you. It's always nice to see somebody else's pictures - in my opinion. I just wish the sun would have made an appearance to make my photo's that much nicer...


My boyfriends favourite part of the trip (obviously!). But there is a reason for that - a cosy atmosphere, some live music and a beverage or too. The alcohol was on the expensive side but we did stick to the more 'popular' places around The Temple Bar. This is become the music was the best around here. We saw two amazing acts. They really did make the perfect winter evening. 

The Medieval Area

This is what it was named on the map, so that is what i'm going to call it. One of my favourite parts of the city, of course. I love a good castle and some nice medieval views. If you're a bit of a nerd like that, like me, then you will love Dublin. It has a fantastic mix between old and new. 

Street Art

As you know I am a suckerrrr for some street art. Street art makes a city, it adds character and a great big splash of colour. Dublin was amazing for quirky, bright pieces of art. I couldn't resist getting some snaps. 


Parks are one of my favourite parts about visiting a city. It's so nice to get out of the city life and go somewhere a little bit quieter and more relaxing. Unfortunately we didn't get chance to visit Phoenix Park but we did pop into St Stephens Green on our first day in Dublin. There were so many birds and ducks. This little red robin also stopped for a photoshoot. 

Guinness Factory

I didn't take many pictures during our visit to the Guinness Storehouse. This was a guide yourself tour so we just had a wonder round for an hour or so. I must admit it was more interesting than I though it would be. Complete with a pint (or lemonade for me) in a rooftop bar with panorama views of Dublin - it was incredible. I just wish we went slightly earlier, catching a sunset up there would have been amazing. Definitely worth a visit. Oh, and the Guinness crisp were rather nice too.  

I hope you enjoyed my Dublin trip in photo's. Comment with links if you have any similar posts, I love to look at them! 



  1. This post has made me so excited for my Dublin trip!
    Thank you for the recommendations.
    Your photos are lovely!



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