Monthly: January In Photo's!

Well, January was a fun month! A fun but extremely busy month. A new term at university has started and I have more contact hours and more work (yay!). But I have also had some fun travelling - Dublin and Oslo to be exact.

So here are some of my favourite photos from the month..


I have shared my full Dublin Photo Diary  already so i'm not going to bore you with it too much. Definitely check out that post for a whole overview of the trip. All I will say is.. it was an amazing trip, it was really nice to spend a couple of days exploring, relaxing and eating lots of yummy food. Dublin is definitely up there as one of my favourite cities.


I'm lucky that this is my second trip of the month. Another (cold) city trip but a fun one nonetheless. Oslo was fairly small so we managed to explore most of it in a day or two. The street art over there was amazing in some areas, mixed with lots of classical buildings - it was so pretty! It snowed on our last day so we didn't see much of it unfortunately, but it was beautiful. I really enjoyed my short but sweet 48hrs in this city. Keep an eye out for a full post. 

Sweet Treats

Usually it's January and everyone is on their 'healthy eating' but nope.. not me. I've been continuing the christmas festivities for a month too long. It has to stop now. But I love to bake - so why not? This month i've made lots of ginger biscuits, some crispy bars topped with date caramel and chocolate (recipe coming soon), flapjacks and lots of 'sweet' oats topped with peanut butter, apple and cinnamon - you name it! I also unboxed my 'The Goodness Project Box' and a 'Chocolate Haul' which featured lots of sweet treats that I can't wait to tuck into. It's been a um.. chocolate-y month. Whoops.

Youtube Videos 

Last but not least.. January has been THE month of Youtube Videos for me. I have uploaded three this month. A 'UK Vegan Chocolate Haul' 'The Goodness Project Unboxing' and a 'Cruelty Free/Vegan Toiletries Haul'. I've actually enjoyed doing some sit down videos instead of vlogging. It's definitely something i'd like to continue. Let me know what you think.

So that's my month in photo's. A lot of it (apart from travelling) has been focused on doing university work. I've been super busy doing some voluntary research and completing coursework. But, as always, it's nice to look back on the month and appreciate all the little (and big) things. I really enjoy compiling the photo's for these posts. It's super nice to look back and I always have a giggle.

Please share with me any posts you have done that are similar <3



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